Simon Allard Business Coach


Simon stands out as a trailblazer. He’s a fiercely big thinker, but he’s also able to see how to get from here to there in a very practical way. His approach is fresh, innovative and resourceful. If you’re looking for a business coach to help you harness your intrinsic motivation to accomplish what you’re on the planet to do, Simon Allard is the guy you want coaching you.

Kathy Mallary, The Signature System Coach, Seattle, WA, USA

Simon’s business card reads “Business Revitalizer”.

Advertizing claims don’t impress me but over-delivery does.

Prior to my first coaching call with Simon, he asked me to complete a questionnaire to bring him up-to-speed on me and my business. Just that process alone left me feeling revitalized, which revitalized my business. Value was delivered even before the phone call!

If you value your business, call Simon.

Kerry Paul, Call-A-Geek, On-site computer service, Ontario, Canada

Simon Allard is a very intuitive and patient coach. There were a number of things running through my mind before our coaching session and by the end of our session he skilfully elicited the issues that were in the way. At no time did I feel pressured or prescripted. It is clear that with that degree of patience that he is working from a place of ‘purpose’ as opposed to solely from profit. I found our session to be extremely valuable and rewarding.

Morton Patterson, Entrepreneur, London, UK

The couple of hours we spent on the phone were extremely impactful. In the short time we spoke, I was able to clear my thoughts regarding my personal and professional goals. I was able to implement an immediate action plan for moving forward. Your questions were thoughtful, respectful and extremely effective at removing issues that clouded my visions and goals.

I would be pleased to recommend your services and would be happy to speak with anyone interested in using them.

Ron Wilson, Account Executive, JB Print Solutions, Ontario, Canada

You worked with me just over a year ago. I was leaving my former company and setting up by myself and it was at times messy and complicated. You were a fantastic coach who helped me keep focusing on the good times to come and the bigger picture and let go the small petty stuff. Well I’m delighted to report that 1 year in I have had the best year I’ve had for many years. I am happier, wealthier and wiser and it shows. The business is going great. Thank you for your support and for the courage you held out for me even when I wasn’t courageous.

Rosie Miller, Business Owner, Buckinghamshire, England

Working with Simon has made me realize that my business is just the means for me to provide the life that I want to live and not allowing my business to become my life.”

Shannon Neely, Financial Security Advisor & Investment Representative, Insurance Protection Group, Ontario, Canada

Simon was able to find where my passions lay, and give me a new perspective on my life. He also helped steer me away from a more general market onto a more specific niche that I was more interested in.

Heather Step, Pretoria, South Africa

Simon, it has been wonderful getting to know you and work with you over the last couple of years.

Formally being coached through your Entrepreneur’s Coaching Club and through your Business Diagnostic process has been insightful. When you are deep into your coaching process, you are able to get directly to the right ‘hot’ button and drill down.
Your questioning process leaves me finding my own answers with your guidance, rather than you jumping in to ‘save’ me by giving me your answers. This inquiry process is unique and powerful, and I thank you for employing it diligently in our work together.
I look forward to our future work and developments as you coach me towards my own unique goals.

Sandra Valks, Distinguished Toastmaster, Financial Advisor, Communications Coach, Ontario, Canada

Simon’s business understanding combined with his motivational skill, has completely changed my business approach and opened up a clear way forward for me. And I can barely believe that I’m already meeting target earnings that a year ago I would have thought ridiculously optimistic!

Aranya, Owner Aranya Gardens, Devon, UK

Working with Simon over a 2 hour session really helped identify what was holding me back. I now feel ready to address those issues and move forward.

Allison Sutton, Coach, England, UK

Simon… thank you for including me in your Business Breakthrough Session. During this one phone call you helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, this allowed me to focus my energy on my weaknesses and increase my skills so I can grow my business. You have been a fantastis sounding board, and you have helped me understand issues from many different perspectives. 2011 is going to be a great year for my business as well as me personally and for that, I sincerely thank you.

Charlene Wilson, Clean Clothes To Go, Ontario, Canada

Six months ago I was damaged goods, losing my stuffing. Simon has coached me to choice, excitement & outrageous fortune. My potential has gone ridiculous. Great fun, Great coach. I doubted anything – let alone everything – would ever work out this well. Simon helped me question those doubts & negative beliefs & defeat them in style. My personal & business relationships feel easier & massively more successful & my income is in vertical ascent.

Philip Gamble, Business Owner, Dorset, UK

Simon Allard has helped me dig deep to determine exactly what it is that I need to change in my life in order to have both a fulfilling personal and business life. In only a few short sessions I have been given many useful tools that have helped me realize where I want to be in life and how I can get there. His coaching is very insightful and inspiring. I feel like I have been re-energized for work and life and have adequate time to enjoy both.

Tracey Clarke, Real Estate Sales Rep. Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty Brokerage