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Entrepreneur Coaching Club

This is a Group Coaching Club that I facilitate in Belleville, Ontario.

It’s a small, tight-knit group of action-oriented local business people who are committed to their personal and business success.

In essence, it’s a “Mastermind Group”.

What Do You Get From Being a Member?

During our meetings, we cover business topics AND we look at our own development as business owners in the context of living our lives in the real world of our relationships, families, our belief systems, financial matters, our non-work passions, and so on.

As business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals, we’re all busy folks and we need to make sure that what we’re doing at any given moment is what we really “should” be doing.  It is so easy to get caught up in the “urgent” things and the really “important” things get left out. The Club is a great way to find solutions to this “urgent, firefighting stuff” and to stay focused on what matters most in our business and personal lives.

Being a member of the Club would give you the extra support to more easily achieve your goals since being around other committed business people is a powerful motivation to get the important things done.

Every so often, I open my Entrepreneur Coaching Club to a few new members. However, the Club will still remain “selective” and fairly small in member size to ensure as much specific support to each member and their business as possible.

The Entrepreneur Coaching Club Overview

In brief, there are two Group Coaching Sessions each month (on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 10:30am to 12:00 noon) which are held in a private boardroom in Belleville. Each session lasts for 90 minutes (i.e. 3 hours per month).

During these private group sessions, the floor is open to all members to introduce a specific issue or aspect of their business they want some laser-focused coaching on from me.We then open it up for input from fellow Club members who will share their wealth of business experience and knowledge to help move you forward on your specific point.

This is a very dynamic process and a huge amount of momentum can be generated in the process. Also, every member gets to benefit from not only having their specific point addressed but also from my coaching other members and seeing how their “issues” are addressed by me and fellow members.

Other Key Features of the Club

  • There is also a members-only web site where members get to post their questions, comments and actions and receive support from me and other members.
  • As a Club member, you would also be entitled to one private, 90-minute, 1-on-1 coaching session with me each quarter. This alone has a value in excess of $500.

Please Note: Membership is by invitation only and, if you are based in Quinte, Ontario, the current members probably include some prominent business people you already know from local networking events, and organizations like BNI or Chamber of Commerce. All current members have agreed to make themselves available to answer any questions you may have about being a member of the ECC.

Your Guarantee

If you apply and are accepted, I am so confident that this Club can significantly benefit you and other new members that I am offering a 100% unconditional guarantee to new members.

This means that you get to attend the first month (i.e. two sessions) in the knowledge that if you don’t feel it is right for you, for whatever reason, you can tell me before the following month’s fees are due and I will return all the money you have paid… without any quibbles from me whatsoever.

That way, if you are accepted as a member, you will get to “try it on for size” at absolutely NO financial risk to you.

Of course, should you wish to end your membership at any point subsequent to this first month, then you can let me know and you will not be billed any further amounts.

Your Investment

There are currently two investment levels for new members:

Option #1…  $147 (plus tax) per month for the services described above.

Option #2…  $297 (plus tax) per month for option #1 PLUS an additional one-on-one, 1-hour private coaching call with me to accelerate your results even faster. (This is in addition to the quarterly 1-on-1 session… you’ll still get that as well. This extra monthly coaching session alone has a value of $500… saving you $350 on my standard consulting hourly consulting rates EACH month.)

Both options come with the opportunity of hiring me for additional coaching and/or consulting at a members-only heavily discounted fee.

Your Next Steps

If you would like to discuss with me how joining us will benefit you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.

Also, should you wish to assess this opportunity by speaking with any of the current Club members, then please feel free to do so… and I can arrange for you to speak with them. I really want you to feel confident in whatever decision you make regarding my invitation.

To Your Personal and Business Success!


Email: simon[at]simonallard[dot]com (Written like this to fool those nasty spambots!) or go here