Simon Allard Business Coach

Attention: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Independent Professionals…

Is Your Business Performance Living Up To Its Full Potential?

I know you and your business have tremendous potential… but is your real-world performance living up to that potential?

That is a leading question because I already know that you can do way better in your business than you’re currently doing. A better question might be, “Are you prepared to admit that you are under-performing?”

Unless you are in a state of total denial, you will have sometimes noticed a gap between your potential (how well you could have done in a given situation) and your performance (how well you actually did). You know when your performance just didn’t live up to expectations.

It doesn’t HAVE to be that way. You CAN greatly exceed your current performance levels and tap into way more of your potential than you’re doing right now… and I want to help you do that.

Quite simply, my agenda is to help you bring your actual business performance up to the level of your full potential.

There are many things that can contribute to your increased performance and I want to share them with you.

The quickest way to increase your performance is to get rid of anything that stands in your way or interferes with you realizing your full potential.

P = p – i

In the above formula, P is your Performance, p is your potential, and i is the interference… the “stuff ” that gets in the way. So the full formula reads as…

Performance equals Potential minus Interference

When I came across this formula from coaching maestro Timothy Gallwey, its profound simplicity blew me away.

In this context, “interference” is all the things that prevent you from achieving your full potential… all the barriers, obstacles, blockades, obstructions,  which are either standing in your way, slowing you down or stopping you from reaching the levels of success in your life and your business that you aspire to.

Interference can be anything in your external world. Things like a non-optimal working environment, poorly performing employees, inadequate systems and processes, badly formulated business strategies, and so on. Or it can come in the form of “stuff” that’s going on in your mind, like negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that hold you and your business back.

Anything  that might be distracting you from focusing on what it is you really need to be doing is “interference”.

Your performance will be equal to what you are capable of when you remove the interference.

Removing, or reducing, these elements of interference will automatically improve your performance and help you to get closer to realizing your full potential.

It’s not what you add but rather what you take away that often determines the quality of your performance.

This concept can be expanded to be of use for all human endeavours including business.

I have made it a personal mission to reduce the “interferences” in my personal and business life so I can experience greater levels of potential in the areas that matter most to me.  I now coach others to do the same in their life and in their business.